Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Personal History

About 6 months ago, I completed my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. It was a bit of a challenge in the respect of time constraints. I found myself staying up much later than the rest of my family on many nights, sitting at this computer, typing away. It all began when I earned a bulk of my prerequisites fresh out of high school. I took a loooong break and one day decided I better finish up this college stuff before all my earlier credits were lost. Going back to school was eye-opening for me. I realized that I am capable of much more than I thought! I also truly enjoyed most of my course work instead of dreading each class (like I did when I was younger). I took the modern approach and earned my degree online through the University of Phoenix. All my work was online and I never had to attend a single class physically. This was the perfect experience for me since I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I think a lot of people are confused by the whole online schooling thing and I still get funny looks from some people when they learn I took this approach. For any person who is thinking of attending school and is completely self-motivated - online schooling is probably for them. For me it was definitely my maturity that allowed me to take things seriously - and I mean seriously. I graduated with honors and never dropped below an A throughout 24 courses. For the most part I had wonderful instructors with a couple here and there who I think should never teach an online course again. The assignments were mostly written or PowerPoint presentations with a few really fun creative projects. I love playing around in Photoshop so the graphics assignments were my favorite. There was this one assignment that required me to create a large graphic collage of my personal history. I had a hard time fitting in all the things I could think I kept the content as simple as I could. So, I was thinking this blog is the perfect place to share something like this about myself. If I've inspired you to make one about your personal history, please feel free to post the link!

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