Monday, June 27, 2011

Handmade with Style: Edition 4

I have been wanting to work with used glass bottles for awhile now. This Handmade with Style Edition begins with jewelry that inspires me to finally have a go at it. Although I'm not planning on making jewelry, I am fascinated with the variety of objects we take for granted by throwing away! These little beauties are handmade and recycled - two of my favorite words! You can find other interesting pieces from the creator Kathleen Plate.
This shower curtain is pretty nifty! It is eco-friendly and completely customizable by YOU! Or, maybe you give it to the kids and let them decorate their own bathroom. Either way, I think this is a super-fun idea for anyone who likes to doodle. I really like how the examples show the viewer that it doesn't take an artist to make use of these either. Click here to see more or purchase: Shower Curtain
Lastly, I had to include these ties! I'm always scouting for handmade items for me, and these ties caught my attention. They come in iconic picnic table cloth patterns, and the best part is they are washable! My favorite is the red one, and it is officially called a Napkin Tie.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Up-cycle and Shine

A few years ago I rescued an old chandelier from heading to the dumpster. I was at the right place at the right time. When I got home, I completely dismantled it and sorted the crystal pieces. Beading has been one of my favorite hobbies since my teenage years. It didn't take long for me dream up these pretty little sun catchers, carefully up-cycling the crystal chandelier pieces! I created an assortment and began giving them away to each of my girlfriends on their birthdays. After I wrapped each one in matching tissue paper and placed them gently in a tiny little gift bag, I handed each one over with this simple poem I wrote for the occasion:

The Sun Catcher
By Christine Klein

Hanging in the window
Catching the sun's ray
A simple beauty
Casting glimmer all day

Still in the window
Reflecting at night
A wonder above
Gleaming moonlight

Fashioned by Indians
Call me a catcher of sun
I'm here every day
My work is never done

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Happy Fathers Day with a homemade poem for the love of my life and father of my two beautiful children! xoxo

Daddy Runs Unwavering Many Moons Idyllic Native
Dearly Adored Deeply Dashing Youthful
Dynamite All-Important Virtue Excellence

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Digital Art

With a digital camera, the right computer program, and some spare time, you can create custom art for your home. For the examples in this blog post, I used a Nikon SLR camera and Adobe Photoshop to make my edits and both photos were taken in my backyard. This Oriole was flying around the yard and I managed to snap a photo of it while resting in the tree. Using the Poster filter in Photoshop, I quickly changed this average photo into an interesting cartoonish piece of art. Our quaint garden offers some beautiful cabbage heads and cucumbers at the moment. I snapped a closeup photo of the cabbage in full shade. The first example illustrates what can be accomplished with bold colors and the Sketch: Bas Relief filter in Photoshop. This is a fun touch for any contemporary or modernly decorated home. The second example transforms the image into black and white with strong contrast. I included an example of photoshop at the end to illustrate which tabs I selected to change the contrast on the black and white photo. Each of the examples can be printed at home with a decent photo printer, or sent off to a photo printing company such as Shutterfly. There are also options to order prints on canvas, turning your handmade creation into a true one-of-a-kind on your wall.