Monday, June 27, 2011

Handmade with Style: Edition 4

I have been wanting to work with used glass bottles for awhile now. This Handmade with Style Edition begins with jewelry that inspires me to finally have a go at it. Although I'm not planning on making jewelry, I am fascinated with the variety of objects we take for granted by throwing away! These little beauties are handmade and recycled - two of my favorite words! You can find other interesting pieces from the creator Kathleen Plate.
This shower curtain is pretty nifty! It is eco-friendly and completely customizable by YOU! Or, maybe you give it to the kids and let them decorate their own bathroom. Either way, I think this is a super-fun idea for anyone who likes to doodle. I really like how the examples show the viewer that it doesn't take an artist to make use of these either. Click here to see more or purchase: Shower Curtain
Lastly, I had to include these ties! I'm always scouting for handmade items for me, and these ties caught my attention. They come in iconic picnic table cloth patterns, and the best part is they are washable! My favorite is the red one, and it is officially called a Napkin Tie.

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