Friday, April 4, 2014

Be a drop in the water pot!

Now that Odd Duck Bazaar 2014 has passed, my co-producer Shelley Mitchell and I are focusing on local charity work. Shelley and I got involved as participants in an annual Spin-A-Thon with Marine Industry Cares Foundation in 2010. The foundation contributes to local charities helping children and families in need. The organization and people involved are top-notch and I've personally seen the positive impact these foundations make on children and their futures. I have set the bar higher than suggested and I'm trying to raise $500 on my own. This year marks the 6th year and takes place at Esplanade Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL on April 25th starting at 1pm. I encourage you to join in support in whatever way you can! If you'd like to help either one of us meet our goals, please click on the links below to contribute today. We'll do the hard work!

 "Drop by drop the water pot is filled" ~Buddha

Make a donation to Shelley's goal:

Thank you to our sponsor Connell Communications for allowing our team to participate this year!