Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cozi Keeps Me Organized

When my friends ask me how I'm doing, they are never surprised to hear "really busy lately." I may as well change it to "same old, same old." The truth is, I AM really busy most of the time. I have my fingers into a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Thankfully I have the energy and motivation to keep up with my brain and interests! I was never this involved in life until I got married and had children. Something about having my kids changed my perspective on life and time. If it wasn't for Cozi Family Central (http://www.cozi.com/) I would probably always be late for my appointments and that is IF I even remembered them in the first place! I would probably also fight with David a lot because I'd never know when his gigs are and then be thrown a curve ball when I thought I was going out with the girls. Cozi Family Central allows David and I to share a family log in, and the website provides us with a convenient way to keep up with our plans. Everything is color-coded so it's easy to input appointments for anyone in the family. We customize our settings to get weekly schedule reminders, and we use the lists section to keep track of our grocery needs. The best part - I can access everything right from my phone - and you don't need a smart phone either! With my husband working a full time construction job, playing music gigs frequently, my crafting events, and other extra-curricular activities, this website has been a sanity saver! In case you want to see more, I've included the the below link to watch a quick video demo.

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