Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Odd Duck Handmade Bazaar and Indie Craft Fair 2011

This past Saturday marked the 2nd annual Odd Duck Bazaar in Davie, FL. I am one of 4 co-organizers for the event and I'm still beaming in the rays of success. Not only did the attendance exceed my expectations, but also the amazing vendors! The support in the handmade community is outstanding, and Saturday's event provides evidence of that.

It was a hectic day to say the least. The Hollywood Craft Mafia team started bright and early to make sure the event went smoothly. Since it was my first year as a co-organizer, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. However, as soon as we started letting shoppers through the entrance, a calm came over me and everything felt right. I could sense the excitement in the air as people started to trickle through our three structured shopping areas.

A live music tent was added to the front lawn, to encourage visitors to stay and enjoy the beautiful day. Jennie Mahood, SOSOS, and Addax provided sweet tunes for all interested ears. At one point, I was quite happy to turn the corner and see a crowd of people gathered, sitting on the lawn, under the shade of the big trees, smiling and taking in the moment. Sometime around mid-event, I ordered some lunch from the Free Lovin Foodery - YUM sums that up!! Unfortunately, our other lunch food vendor was a no-show, so visitors did have to wait a bit for some eats. I do believe the food was worth the wait though.

Later in the day, my husband David and I made a few stops at some vendor booths. I finally spoiled myself with a Mon Petit Chou Boutique vintage spoon bracelet. I selected the 1949 Everlasting pattern pictured here. I already own one of their pendants, and since I wear it with practically everything, I knew this would be a very nice addition to my jewelry collection. Our next stop was the Beer Soap Company. David loves the Nag Champa soap they make, and I have to admit - it does smell fantastic! David's worn the oil since I've known him, so when I found this soap, I couldn't resist getting him a gift. Now it's a standard in our bathroom.

Overall, the day was awesome! I loved seeing happy little customers leaving the event wearing my tutu's and making music with my shakers. Most importantly, everyone seemed pleased to be there and thankful for the opportunity to take part in another creative handmade happening.

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