Monday, April 18, 2011

Magazine Re-Shmagazine

If you've never been to you are missing out on some of the best handmade creations on this planet! I use Etsy to manage my online store. It is a convenient web site with fabulous features for creators like myself. One of my favorite features is the Treasury Lists. A treasury list on Etsy is something that a shop owner creates to display a variety of items created by other shop owners. Many of these treasury lists are created with themes. I've made a few myself and enjoy the browsing process it takes to find spectacular items to include in my lists. My most recent treasury list is titled Magazine Re-Schmagazine (click on it and you'll see it live). The theme is all about items created from magazine pages. I like to make mosaics from magazine pages. The art pictured in this blog is my first magazine art creation. Magazines are colorful and usually short lived in one's home. For me, it was the perfect recycling item to use in my art. I am looking forward to making new pieces as ideas are rolling around in my head.

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