Friday, April 15, 2011

An Arts & Crafts Book to Inspire Children

My 4-year-old daughter brought a stack of books to me today to read and entertain her while she's on the mend from strep-throat. In the stack was a thin little book titled Ballyhoo Bay by Judy Sierra. When I was least expecting it, I fell in love! While this book worms its way into your heart, it will also teach your child about preserving nature and making the most for your love of arts & crafts! These are two of my most favorite topics, so naturally this book is my new favorite.

Mira Bella is the main character of the book and most importantly, an artist who teaches painting and sculpting. Surrounded by the sea side, teaching grannies and children, Mira Bella one day discovers a nasty billboard announcing the plans for building. (This is the part where I'm a bit hypocritical because my husband works in construction). Anyway, with some determination and organization, Mira Bella and her elders manage to save Ballyhoo Bay. The illustrations by Derek Anderson are beautiful, colorful, and fanciful! I think I've found this years birthday gift for all our little friends. If you're interested, you can purchase the book from Amazon (it's received 4 stars) for as little as $12.74.

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