Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handmade with Style: Edition 3, Maps

You might consider me a little old-fashion when it comes to navigation. We don't own a GPS mechanism and I rarely rely on my smartphone to give me directions. I prefer to hand-write my directions. I've been ragged on a bit by my friends when a couple of them discovered my old ways. However, I like to think of it differently. For one, I actually get enjoyment out of using the road atlas on long road trips. David is usually the driver and I'm usually the navigator. It is fun and I've gotten pretty good at judging distances in relation to time just by looking at two points on a map (no measuring - just guessing). Secondly, I like to believe I'm setting a good example for my children. They are growing up in a technological age where my 4 year old already knows her way around the computer and can operate the xbox 360 with skill. I want my children to learn that while technology is truly amazing, there are many things we can do for ourselves too, and often receive better results!
Anyway, this brings me to this weeks style edition - all about maps. Did you know there are many artisans out there making things with maps? LoveCalifornia was recently featured as an Etsy seller for her adorable state shaped pillows. This Florida shaped pillow is one of her many items for sale. Which one is your favorite? Because of my roots, I'm a fan of the one pictured here and the Maine pillow. I love her color choices too! I could easily place these in in any room in my house.
This next artisan transforms vintage maps into jewelry. Kathy Lambert Designs mounted the Everglades National Park on a vintage poker chip. This is a very cool gift for any nature enthusiast. Did you know there is literally NO other place on Earth like the Everglades National Park? The only thing I'd love to see artisans like this doing is to bump the sale price up a bit and include a donation to help preserve places such as these.
We just celebrated teacher appreciation week. This next item, created in South Florida by Green Cycle Designs, is a fun and appropriate gift for any teacher! This handmade flower is made from recycled paper (maps included). You can purchase 5 flowers for $15 - and they will never die! If I had seen this before our "give your teacher a flower day" - this would have been a definite purchase. This concludes this weeks style edition. If you have a request or special topic you'd like to see in future style editions, don't hesitate to give me a shout!

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