Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tea Towels for the Family

My grandmother was a lively woman. She was friendly, creative, and resourceful. She had no problem speaking her mind, and I pity any person who ended up on her bad side. She knew where all the best deals in town were, and her cellar pantry showed for it. Like many other women from her generation, she was also a great cook! With our large family, I'm sure the requests were a bit daunting when the holiday's rolled around - but she always managed to make my favorites. When she passed away, my grandfather let the family take some of her beloved kitchen items. I put those items to good use as often as I can. Every now and then I wrap her colorful granny apron around my waist twice and get to work feeding my family. A couple of months ago, I decided to scan in a few of her hand-written recipes and put them together in a digital collage to be printed on fabric at I knew there would be a few other family members interested in this idea, so I made a neutral design in black & white and decided to turn the fabric into tea towels. I gathered up the family orders and began working as soon as possible. I am very pleased with how the tea towels turned out and I love seeing my grandmother's handwriting all over them, scribbles and all.


  1. Where can I purchas Aunt Sandra's recipes on these towels???

    1. You can order the fabric by the yard at my fabric shop. Order the "Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra" if you want Tea Towel fabric. You will have to cut them out and hem each side to make them into towels - or you can make a table cloth. Really the sky is the limit!

    2. If you don't sew - I can do it for you. $50 for 8 towels and that will include shipping. Let me know!